Using A Miter Saw

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Adjust the bevel gauge at the rear of the saw and tilt the blade to the correct angle.

Using a miter saw. In this video we explain the features of both 10 and 12 sliding mitre saws that may help people select the best saw for their use then we go on to describ. Lower the blade slowly to cut completely through the board then release the trigger and hold the blade in the lowered position until it comes to a. Its applications can include anything from trim jobs to molding remodeling to making picture frames and cutting house studs.

For a bevel cut using a compound miter saw. However on the jobsite the need to move the miter saw from one position to another will always arise. It is almost impossible to use a miter saw efficiently without placing it on a stand of some sort.

If you re in your workshop you can actually place the miter saw on a workbench and work with it like that. When you make the cut either hold the board firmly in place or clamp it down. Turn the miter saw on and allow the blade to get up to top speed before making the cut.

Woodworking mitersaw a full guide for beginners on how to use a miter saw including tips and tricks no one tells you about. With a board flat on the base of a miter saw any angled cut across the wide face counts as a miter on any miter saw. Place the marked board face up or flat onto the saw base and its edge pushed against the fence.

Although keep in mind your out of the box base model miter saw likely. Avoid any gloves save the safety ones and loose clothing when you re using the saw. The main reasons why people use a miter saw to cut pieces of wood into half include.

Use the gauge on the front of the saw to set the miter angle if needed for the cut. Make bevel angled cuts. Carry all the guard during the use of the miter saw and make sure they re repaired or readjust them if you re getting any inaccurate results.

3 purchase rent or borrow a miter saw. Turn the board on its edge place it against the fence and you ll cut a bevel most saws cut from 90 to 45 degrees in both directions and some saws can cut up to 55 degree angles. Keep your hands more than six inches away from the blade when it s moving.

How to use a compound miter saw safely make sure to take off any jewelry before using the saw. But this type of saw can also be used to cut through softer metal or piping. The miter saw or as more commonly used today the compound miter saw is known primarily as a woodcutter.

A standard miter saw is designed to draw use between 12 and 15 amps or electrical power and operate on 120 volts in the u s. For cutting tough or very large pieces of stock you may need to select an industrial rated machine which is much heavier and may require special wiring. Put your safety glasses and ear protection on.

Since the workpiece is usually clamped to the fence lining up the cutting line can be straightforward. Topics covered 0 53 what is. It really comes down to the power behind the tool and the type of blade you re using.

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